Houston Trailers welcomes you to the wonderful world of convenience for your door-to-door delivery needs. We understand how difficult it can be to take time off from work and a busy life, to drive hours away to buy that perfect trailer that you found on our website, eBay store, or social media post, then hours more driving back home with a new trailer. We strive to give you ALL the information you might need, right from our always-current website, to make your final purchase decision from the comfort of your home or office, or even from your mobile device.

Every trailer offered is online with prices, multiple pictures, specifications, and descriptions @ ? and we’re just a phone call, text, or email away from getting all your final questions answered, or financing / payment arrangements made. We’ve all become accustomed to the convenience of online shopping with eBay and Amazon, including door-to-door delivery, and we’re committed to giving you that same convenience when buying your next trailer.


Upon your request, we can deliver your trailer purchased from us, right to your door within 100 miles (of 77417 – Beasley, Texas) for just $0.99/mile, or $1.99/mile for destinations over 100 miles away.

Arrangements can also be made for deliveries anywhere in the lower 48 – over 750 miles – with outside transportation vendors. Different rates will apply on a case-by-case basis.

Our delivery rates are substantially less than what we normally pay to have trailers delivered in from the factory. We’re not trying to earn profits from shipping, just covering our expenses and providing convenience to you our customer.

Delivery expenses will be predetermined and added to the Trailer Purchase Invoice, to be paid concurrent with the purchase of the trailer, along with any applicable sales tax, title, or license fees as required. Purchases made outside the state of Texas generally will not incur any sales tax, and lower or no title and license fees, so save even more money there!

We do not deliver “internationally” but are more than happy to deliver to your nearest Port of Entry or Customs House for export.  We do routinely sell trailers into Mexico and Latin America via delivery to various Customs locations in Laredo or Brownsville, Texas, and are just an hour away from the Port of Houston.




Houston Trailers provides you the convenience and protection of handling your delivery needs both internally or through a select network of professional trailer transporters, each of whom has a history of dependability and are fully licensed and properly insured.  Therefore, problems or damage claims will be minimal.  In the event you would have a claim, it will be the responsibility of the assigned transporter to file it with their insurance carrier.  However, we do ask you to immediately advise us of any such claim.

Drivers will get as close to the delivery address as the driver is comfortable.

Customers are responsible for getting an inspection sheet from the driver at the delivery location. Customer must do a walk around inspection with the driver upon delivery. Damage must be noted on the inspection sheet that the driver provides at the delivery location. In the event of any damage, customer is to provide Houston Trailers a copy of the inspection sheet along with photographs (via text or email) from the delivery location immediately after (within 12 hours) receiving a trailer at the delivery location.

*Hail storm or elemental (dirt, rock chips, stray birds, bugs, etc..) is not insured.

Delivery times are based on good weather conditions, so we cannot guarantee delivery times in bad weather. The driver will use his/her best judgment when it comes to bad weather conditions. Cell phone communication between you and the delivery driver is encouraged.




In order to amend or cancel an order, the customer must call Houston Trailers and ask for customer service.

Although we do our best to deliver within 7 calendar days of purchase to most locations up to 750 miles, if the customer’s trailer has not been delivered within 14 business days from the time it was purchased, the customer is entitled to $20.00 a day up to 50% of the total shipping cost starting with the 15th business day. Cash-back claims must be filed within 48 hours of the time the trailer was delivered.

IMPORTANT: Once the customer places a delivery order, and the customer then cancels that order prior to shipping, the customer is entitled to a refund minus a $100.00 service charge (or 10% of the total cost, whichever is greater) per trailer.