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Houston Trailers is officially in the PTV (Personal Transportation Vehicle) business! These bad boys are ”street legal” with turn signals, mirrors, speed odometer, seat belts, head & tail lights, full roof canopy, and can go a whopping 30 mph. True luxury right here! Save up your nickels because you’re gonna want one!!! Starting at $7299.00, a full $1500 less than Ez-Go or Club-Car!

Price $7,299.00
MSRP $8,830.00
Model No. LT-A2+2 (values are approximate)
Motor 48V,3.7KW
Battery Included
Charger Onboard Charger
Transaxle Continuosly Variable
Overall dimension 9 x 4 x 6 ft
Ground clearance 4.5 in
Tread distance Front: 2.9 / Rear: 3.2 ft
Net weight 639 lbs
Loading 4 people
Forward speed 11-15 mph
Braking distance 7 ft
Turning radius 10 ft
Climbing ability safe climbing: 25% / Max climbing: 35%
Maximum mileage 50-62 miles

Advanced EV White 6 Seater Stretch

Price $7899.00   MSRP $9,523.00