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Equipment Valuations

Houston Trailers - Equipment Valuations


We’ll give you upfront, an estimated appraisal range that we believe your equipment or vehicle will sell for, based on Fleet Evaluators massive database of historical retail sales and auction records for nearly any type of equipment or vehicle out there. While selling equipment is often unpredictable, we’ll do everything we can to help you realize the highest possible price for your items with amazing photos, video presentations, complete & accurate descriptions, independent condition inspection reports, and a tremendous national and global marketing effort.

We’ll market your item to a global massive online audience and regional print catalog distribution, as well as individualized marketing of YOUR items via our own proprietary social media & website networks, mailing lists, and state/local advertising channels.

Reasons to sell with Houston Trailers.

  1. All-inclusive service

We take care of everything: equipment storage, global marketing, buyer inquiries, conducting retail sales or auction liquidation, collecting proceeds on your behalf and managing any post-sale issues.

  1. Certainty of Price, or Certainty of Sale. You decide.

With our Retail Consignment option, every item is price protected with your reserve price. Time to sell becomes the variable here, and your patience allows you to hold out for the highest retail price for your item. With our Absolute Weekly Auction option, every item is sold to the highest bidder on auction Wednesday, and you'll have cash in hand within 7 business days thereafter.

  1. Access to a global buying audience

You'll reach thousands of qualified buyers from around the world via our global online network for both Retail Consignment or Absolute Auction.

  1. Maximum returns

We attract competing buyers from areas of high demand – meaning you get the best returns. Most buyers at our lot and on our auctions are end-users who will often pay more to get the equipment they need.

  1. 25+ years of industry expertise

Our Team members have been helping people successfully sell for more than 25 years. And you have a whole team of experts working for you at Houston Trailers – sales, marketing, internet services, customer service, accounting and more; as well as the Global Power of Sandhills Publishing through their affiliates,,, and!

  1. Flexible selling & consignment options

We offer flexible consignment options including unreserved auction with fixed fees for most items, and reserved retail consignment sales on our lot with National Listings.


What are you waiting for?

CONSIGN TODAY! Cash out in 21 days or less (Via Auction).
Or Hold Out for Maximum Retail Price through Onsite Consignment. We may even buy your trailer on the spot!

No hassles on your part either way.

Call now to get started (979) 387-3662.