Notice: Houston Trailers announces effective November 1, 2021, that we are no longer selling or repairing trailers. We have no inventory (trailers) for sale! We do have a couple local rental units to compliment our uHaul dealership business, but are no longer buying, selling or repairing trailers. We're still here, only operating now as Tex Shed, Inc. – Please visit us at

Store Hours

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  • Saturday 8am - 12pm
  • Sunday Closed

Trailer Rentals

Trailer Rental Requirements:

  • Completed Trailer Rental Agreement
  • A Valid Texas Drivers License
  • Valid Towing Vehicle Insurance
  • Valid Credit or Debit Card
  • Credit Card Refundable Deposit

Trailer Rental Period: Each day the trailer is in your possession is considered a rental day. Houston Trailers offers Daily, Weekend, Weekly and Monthly Rental Rates. 

Tow Vehicle Requirements: The towing vehicle must be in good working condition with the correct size ball and trailer light wiring to match the trailer being rented. 

Customer Liability: The customer is responsible for all damages to the rented trailer with proof of tow vehicle insurance coverage presented upon execution of the trailer rental agreement. The credit card provided at execution of the trailer rental agreement will be charged for all damages incurred upon return if not otherwise paid by the renter.

For trailer rental questions, to book your trailer rentals, availability inquiries and price quotes please contact our office at: 979-387-3662 or email

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